Update: We're on summer break! Boards will be available again 1-Aug-2017.

The TC4 design is the original brainchild of Bill Welch, and he has been instrumental in its ongoing development. The members of the forum have contributed suggestions. The TC4 system came about as the result of collaboration among the participants in this original TC4 thread.

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TC4C standalone board options
Available Aug. 1
Complete Arduino Uno-compatible standalone system. Fully assembled, soldered, tested, and programmed before shipping. You may choose one of several TC4 applications to be pre-programmed into the board. If you would like to use the TC4 system, but do not wish to purchase an Arduino board and learn the Arduino progamming IDE, then the TC4C might be a good choice. *(Please see note at the bottom of this table).
TC4 shield options**
Available Aug. 1
PCB with surface mount chips pre-soldered. Includes MCP3424, MCP9800, 24LC512 EEPROM, surface mount resistors, capacitors, and LED's.
(Note: you will still need to buy and solder the through-hole hardware components.)
Available Aug. 1
TC4-SMD, plus all loose hardware required to complete the board. The soldering for the surface mount chips will be done for you, but you will have to solder the through hole components (pin headers, wire terminals, and reset button). Everything on the BOM is included.
Available Aug. 1
TC4-KIT with all hardware soldered to make a complete, ready-to-use shield.
LCD display interface options
Available Aug. 1
Adapter that supports 16x2 LCD display. Uses MCP23017 port expander and I2C interface to the TC4 shield or TC4C board. PCB also supports 4 buttons, and 3 LED's. This board can be stacked with the TC4C for convenient panel mounting.
Pre-soldered components include MCP23017 chip, surface mount capacitors, resistors, and contrast adjustment potentiometer.
Click here for instructions and schematic.
Note: before use, you will need to solder the provided headers, purchase and solder an LCD display panel, and acquire a 4-conductor cable (if not stacked on a TC4C). Buttons and LED's are optional, and are not included.
Available Aug. 1
Fully assembled LCDAPTER-KIT, plus 16x2 LCD panel (white text on blue background w/white LED backlight), 3 LED's, and 4 buttons. This item may be piggyback mounted directly on to TC4C. Otherwise, we will include 6 inch long 4-conductor I2C cable for connecting the LCDAPTER-COMPLETE to any TC4 device.
Button options: tall keypad buttons, suitable for panel mounting the display, will be included unless requested otherwise (if you are not planning to panel mount the display, then short buttons will work better for you).
AC Zero Cross Detector (ZCD) options
Available Aug. 1
AC zero cross detector. Needed for various applications that require identification of times when AC voltage crosses zero. Designed for use on both nominal 120V and 240V mains.
WARNING: use of this board will expose you to potentially lethal voltages. It is intended for use by professionals and highly advanced amateurs only!
ZCD board schematic (PDF)
Link to web page with technical details.

* The TC4C will be preprogrammed with the firmware application of your choosing. Popular choices are firmware to support the RoastLogger program and the Artisan program. Note, however, that different firmwares are required for different programs, i.e., if you request firmware for RoastLogger, then the TC4C will not work with Artisan (and vice versa). The firmware required for these applications is freely downloadable from the TC4 project googlecode site , and the required Arduino IDE is freely downloadable from the Arduino site. But this requires a certain degree of expertise with electronics and software and may not be for everyone!

** On newer Arduino boards (Uno R3 and newer, Leonardo, Yun, Mega, etc.) there is a 10-pin header along the upper left edge of the board. On older boards (Uno R2 and older, Duemilanove, Diecimila), there is an 8-pin header at this location. Beginning with version 6.00 of the TC4 shield, either style Arduino board can be accommodated without adding any fly wires or modifying the stacking headers. Please indicate at time of order whether or not you need your TC4 shield to support an older style board that uses the 8-pin header. The default configuration of version 6.00 and later of the TC4 shield is to support the newer style 10-pin headers. Click this link for a PDF that goes into more detail about the improvements made starting with version 6 of the TC4 shield and the correct configuration for your Arduino board.

Please click here to access the GoogleCode site that's been established for this project. There you will find information related to hardware, software, and instructions.

TC4 shield (SMD version)

TC4 shield (BUILT version)